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Professional air purifiers

Developed by experts in industrial filtration technology

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995 €

ulmair Konfigurator

Unser neuer Produkt-Konfigurator für Ihren professionellen Luftreiniger

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New / Air Purifier Animation

3D - Functional description

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Silencer blow-out module

  1. Reduces unit volume by approx. 3 - 4 dB(A)
  2. Increased discharge for higher rooms
  3. Minimises the risk of deposits

Boost/pause function

Kurzzeitige Leistungserhöhung
Raumluftspülung während Pausenzeiten

Silencer intake module

  1. Reduces unit noise by approx. 4 - 6 dB(A)
  2. Retrofittable

Height module 

  1. Add-on module for high rooms
  2. Air volume reduction through room separation
  1. Silencer blow-out module
  2. Silencer intake module
  3. Presence detector boost/pause function
  4. Height module 
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Annual costs

Annual costs including filter Maintenance Electricity

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86 € / year
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Safe and clean air

A challenge becomes a vision

At UlmAIR, we develop and optimise air purification solutions for all living and working environments. In doing so, we draw on the expertise and experience of over 55 years in the field of industrial extraction and filtration technology of our sister company ULMATEC GmbH.

Using the latest techniques such as room air simulation, flow visualisation and scientific testing, we have succeeded in developing the optimal air purification solution for every challenge.

Our air purifiers are not only the quietest in their class, they also filter more than 99.99997 % of all viruses and aerosols thanks to 5-stage filtration with HEPA-H14 - scientifically proven by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Bonn.

The greatest variety and modularity of our product range on the market offers individual, flexible and sustainable solutions for all areas of application.

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From 7,40
  • Incl. / without service package possible
  • Deliveries can be included
  • Monthly payment


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From 29,40
  • Fast + simple processing
  • Incl. delivery
  • Completely carefree package

Hire purchase

per month

From 34,30
  • With / without service package possible
  • Incl. delivery
  • Securing liquidity via subsidies



From 995
  • Available within a few days
  • Modular - many options - ready to plug in
  • Commissioning bookable

Our air purifiers clean and free from ...


Kinderhaus Bärenhöhle Bremerhaven

Kinderhaus Sternenzauber

Lloyd Grammar School Bremerhaven

School on Ernst Reuter Platz

Paul Modersohn School Bremerhaven

Rodleben Primary School Dessau

Philanthropinum Grammar School Dessau

Kinderhaus Donaukinder Neu-Ulm

Rainbow School Dessau

Kinderhaus Regenbogen Neu-Ulm


Halloween 2021 Neu-Ulm

Euskirchen Savings Bank

Schools and day care centres

Opticians Munich

Notary Neu-Ulm


Gastronomy Ulm Neu-Ulm

Recreational facility Neu-Ulm

Office building in Nersingen

UlmAIR - Features


Omikron-Subtyp BA.5 und Subtyp BA.4 von WHO als besorgniserregend eingestuft

Um sich gegen die in Südafrika entdeckten und zuletzt in Portugal sehr aktiven Omikron-Subtyp BA.5 und Subtyp BA.4 zu schützen empfehlen wir weiterhin unsere Luftreiniger. …

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Bavaria gives 190 million euros in subsidies for air purifiers

The application deadline for the promotion of the equipment is extended to 31 March 2022 and 31 August 2022 respectively.

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Room air purifiers instead of cold feet for the children

UlmAIR Managing Director Daniel Ehrhardt speaks plainly on SWR morning radio and calls for planning security for manufacturers

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The AWO district association Bayreuth-Stadt has invested around 30,000 euros in high-quality air purification devices, which are now being used in the home communities in the AWO Centre, in day care and in outpatient care.

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The X80 sites in Germany are increasing

Starting work at the UlmAIR office in Ulm-Dornstadt

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Big danger is the air in small rooms

Room air cleaners and fresh air free indoor rooms from virus-containing aerosols

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Allow me: Leo, Leo X80

A new face and a first name for the UlmAIR X80 at Kempten's Konrad Adenauer Primary School

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Sports club TuS Hornheim invests in the health of its members

So that the air in the large sports hall is clean and safe.

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When the UlmAIRs are on stage, the air is safe

UlmAIR-sent three air purifiers to the Halloween party in Neu-Ulm's Whiley Club

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Because every school wants air purifiers

Tagesschau headline: Mobile air purifiers are becoming scarce

Editors of the public service media make it clear that authorities were too hesitant in ordering.

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