Parents buy room air purifier for school

The couple Anja and Dr. Markus Sandrock from Altdorf near Nuremberg bought five UlmAIR air purifiers to be installed in the rooms of the fourth classes of the local primary school and to ensure safe and virus-free air. As the daily newspaper "Der Bote" now reported, the Sandrocks want to use their own initiative to prevent the threat of distance learning due to the Corona pandemic by splitting up their children's classes.

The couple's support of the Altdorf primary school cost almost 20,000 euros and they will receive the five UlmAIR X 80 units in November. The Sandrocks even ordered the mobile air purifiers in Ulm-Elchingen when it was still unclear whether the city would approve the installation of the devices. As "Der Bote" writes, Mayor Martin Tabor now accepts them as a pilot project. If the devices work and the health department also approves them, he will propose to the city council to purchase them for other classrooms as well.

Markus Sandrock, an internist and cardiologist from Altdorf, writes in "Der Bote" that he is quite stunned that the big politicians did not prepare better for the second Covid-19 wave during the summer months. The valid recommendations for regular ventilation of classrooms - every 20 minutes for five minutes - are a chill pill and in no way sufficient, he said. Regular ventilation, as suggested by the Federal Environment Agency and the Bavarian state government, would help to reduce CO² pollution in rooms, but the situation is different with the viral load.

The mobile room air purifiers, such as the UlmAIR X80s he bought and donated for the five classrooms, are a sensible solution in Sandrock's opinion. They would have the H14 HEPA high-performance filters that are also used to ventilate operating theatres, exchange the room air six times an hour and their thermal function heats the filters when they are switched off, thus destroying the viruses and bacteria deposited in them.

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