Allow me: Leo, Leo X80

A new face and a first name for the UlmAIR X80 at Kempten's Konrad Adenauer Primary School

Finally, one of the UlmAIR X80s has a first name and a profession: it is called Leo, is a writing detective or rather a tin note holder and stands in a room of the primary school in Kempten in the Allgäu. He is also a room air purifier and ensures that the children breathe air during lessons that has been circulated six times an hour and cleaned by five filters.

The net agents from the town hall have proudly posted the Leo on Instagram. There, on "kempten_rathaus", Leo X80 now appears between the leaflet on the current Bavarian Corona strategy and donuts and doughnuts. The rather fattening particles promote the inner development of the city and thus the use of derelict inner-city plots or buildings. What this has to do with doughnuts is also explained.

In any case, Leo in a room at Konrad Adenauer Primary School and his 124 colleagues have the better job. The municipality, as the school authority, is gradually equipping all those classrooms that do not have stationary ventilation systems with mobile air purifiers. Each of the 125 mobile units cleans around 1,400 cubic metres of air per hour, which is equivalent to six times the air exchange rate in a classroom. On Instagram, the administration praises the fact that the units are relatively quiet and comply with the prescribed limits. When equipping the classrooms, the focus was on primary schools and the 5th and 6th grades of secondary schools. It is also made clear: "The air purification devices only have a supporting effect, but hygiene measures such as regular ventilation, keeping your distance and washing your hands still apply.

We at UlmAIR think Leo's appearance is top class. His appearance convinces us. For this reason, we are considering adding Leo's face to our design gallery. You can find it at


Leo is one of 125 UlmAIR room air purifiers that have been placed in the classrooms of the fifth and sixth grades in Kempten's primary and secondary schools. Image: Instagram/City of Kempten

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