Bavaria gives 190 million euros in subsidies for air purifiers

The application deadline for the promotion of the equipment is extended to 31 March 2022 and 31 August 2022 respectively.

Good news for schools, day-care centres and foster homes that are friends of clean and safe air: In Bavaria, the purchase of indoor air purifiers will continue to be subsidised by the state after the end of 2021. With this programme, set up because of the Corona pandemic, the Free State supports municipal and private schools, day-care centres, all-day care centres and day-care centres for curative education in the purchase of mobile air purifiers and decentralised ventilation systems.


The programme shows that the mobile cleaners and fixed installations are more important than ever to keep the air in classrooms, refectories or sports halls free of viruses or pollen in the future, even after the Corona waves have subsided. According to the Bavarian Minister of State for Education and Culture, Professor Michael Piazolo, funds amounting to 190 million euros have been made available for the new edition - subsidies are available until 31 March 2022.

Air purifiers are building blocks of infection control

From October 2020 to the end of 2021, Bavaria has promoted mobile air purifiers for around 53,700 rooms. This includes many of the devices from UlmAir, which have now been installed a good 16,000 times nationwide, such as the recently revised top seller X80, which was presented in the 8th calendar week.

According to Bavaria's Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, Piazolo, in his circular to the school boards, over 70 percent of the classrooms are covered by the funding programmes. In addition, there was additional equipment purchased by the sponsors, parents and support associations from their own initiatives or as donations, as well as the permanently installed equipment. The Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs: "This status is pleasing and shows that many providers have included the mobile air purification devices as an important component in the infection protection concepts for the schools".

Since the Corona pandemic and the Omikron wave are continuing, the acquisition of further equipment must also be promoted. Therefore, on 17 January 2022, the Council of Ministers decided in favour of the extension and also laid it down in a "decision". However, the mobile air purifiers must work with filter, UV-C or ionisation and plasma technology or a combination of these technologies. The state subsidy share is up to 50 per cent. In addition, rental and leasing costs and the costs for installation and commissioning are subsidised. Accordingly, several units for rooms can also be subsidised, as long as the technical requirements from the guidelines are met.

The application deadline for subsidies for indoor air purifiers is extended to 31 March 2022. Anyone who has applied for eligible equipment after 31 December 2021 must have purchased it by 31 August 2022. The same decision was taken for daycare centres.

The policy is available at


Eligibility for subsidies is extended. As in Bavaria, the state subsidy for mobile air purifiers is being extended in many federal states. To this end, we present our well-camouflaged prototype of the UlmAIR X80, which has also been extensively reworked under its metal body. After being subjected to tough endurance tests in the first weeks of February, the X80 Mark II will hit the showrooms and go on sale in week 08. The developers reveal this much in advance: In addition to the slight revisions of the body design, there are also innovations in the technology, which will ensure more performance of the energy-saving fans and less power consumption. The UlmAIR developers are already talking about the most efficient and quietest professional air purifier. The innovations will also be integrated step by step into the other six UlmAIR models.

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