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UlmAIR air cleaners are fully eligible for funding in accordance with federal and state requirements.
Until now, the federal government has only supported permanently installed air filter systems. Now, however, the purchase of mobile air purifiers is also supported.
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Funding guidelines for the purchase of mobile air purification units

Federal government promotes installation of mobile air filters for schools and day-care centres (

  • For rooms with limited ventilation possibilities,
  • In facilities for children under 12 years of age,
  • It is enough if 1 child in the school is under 12 years old to get the full subsidy,
  • Amount of funding: 200 million euros in total

Details and guidelines to be announced

The bridging aid III supports investments for hygiene measures.
Air purifiers purchased after 01 September 2020 are thus eligible for support.
The amount of support depends on the decrease in turnover compared to the month of 2019.

Decrease in turnover 30 - 50% => subsidy up to 40%
Decrease in turnover 50 - 70% => subsidy up to 60%
Decrease in turnover more than 70% => subsidy up to 90%".

Press release Bridging aid extended until September

Additional funds amounting to 100 million euros are now available for the programme area "Additional requirements for pandemic-related investments" for conversion measures for increased health protection. This includes, for example, security measures in box office or sanitary areas as well as the installation or retrofitting of ventilation systems. This funding is aimed at cultural institutions whose operation is regularly not predominantly financed by the public sector.

Billions in aid for culture and the media (

Current status as of 06.08.2021:
The state government has therefore decided to financially support the public and independent providers of our schools and day-care centres in the acquisition of appropriate mobile room air filter devices and CO2 sensors within the framework of a funding programme with a total volume of 70 million EUR. The state bears 50 per cent of the acquisition costs per device, whereby the state subsidy per mobile device is capped at 2,500 EUR.


Very recent (19.01.2022) Promotion of air purifiers in Bavaria extended. Further information will follow.


Bavaria supports school and day-care providers in the procurement of mobile air filters and subsidises up to 50 percent of the procurement costs with a total of more than 190 million euros. The funding period begins retroactively on 1 May 2021 and applications can be submitted until 31 December 2021.

The object of funding is the procurement of mobile air purification units and decentralised ventilation systems, insofar as these are not covered by the federal funding "Corona-compatible stationary ventilation and air-conditioning systems".

Mobile air purification devices must work with filter technology, UV-C technology, ionisation and plasma technology or combinations of these technologies.
The grant is awarded as project funding by way of partial financing as a non-repayable grant.
The state funding share is up to 50 percent, the maximum funding amount per room is 1,750 euros.
Funding will be provided for the procurement of equipment in the period from 1 May 2021 up to and including 30 June 2022. Early commencement of measures from 1 May 2021 is deemed to be permitted.

Applications can be submitted until 31 December 2021.
Municipalities belonging to a district submit the application to the district administrative authority, cities belonging to a district to the district government and HPT to the district government.
Beneficiaries already funded in the previous programme can claim funding again for additional rooms.

Eligibility under this programme is not limited to rooms that can only be poorly ventilated or not ventilated at all by opening windows.

Provision of funding for the procurement of mobile air filters in daycare centres | Bavarian State Ministry for Family Affairs, Labour and Social Affairs (
Funding of investment costs for technical measures

Funding guideline for the procurement of mobile air purification devices

Guideline for the promotion of investment costs (PDF)
Technical eligibility requirements (PDF)
Application form (PDF)

Accordingly, about 1200 mobile air purification devices will be procured for schools whose classrooms can only be ventilated with difficulty due to the structural situation. A total of 4.5 million euros has been earmarked for the purchase. These devices can greatly reduce the risk of infection by aerosols for employees and students in rooms without sufficient ventilation and thus further spread of Covid-19.

Berlin schools receive mobile air purification devices -
Conditions for funding

Thestate of Brandenburg has not yet decided on its own funding programmes:
On 14 July 2021, the federal cabinet decided to support the states in the procurement of mobile air purifiers with a total of 200 million euros, including around 6 million euros for the state of Brandenburg. The funding is intended exclusively for rooms with limited ventilation options in primary schools (children under 12) and daycare centres.
The Brandenburg Ministry of Education (MBJS) welcomes the signal of the federal cabinet to financially support the purchase of mobile air filters for rooms in schools and day-care centres that are difficult to ventilate.

Press Releases | Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MBJS) (

As of 16.07:
Senator for Children and Education Sascha Karolin Aulepp: "Over 60 per cent of schools are equipped with air filters".

The schools could and can order the devices via a Bremen internal online ordering system after the application has been approved. During installation, the schools were supported by caretakers, school administrators and, if necessary, specialist companies. The mobile air purification devices are financed from the "Bremen Fund" (total volume 1.2 billion euros) via the budget framework for the procurement of pandemic-related items. This was increased by 27.8 million euros to 48.6 million euros by resolution of the Senate on 18 May 2021. The continued procurement of mobile air purification devices as a supplement to ventilation is thus financially secured and still possible upon request.

Ventilation units for schools to be purchased -
Press release of the Senate

School authority launches tender, 12,000 devices are to be installed between summer and autumn holidays.
Hamburg will invest around 20 to 30 million euros.
Funding guidelines not yet published

Senator Rabe: Mobile air filters for every Hamburg school class -

Funding in Hesse in exceptions:
The state government is supporting the school boards with 10 million euros for the purchase of air purification and similar devices. These are to be purchased in particular for classrooms where it is not possible to ventilate sufficiently because, for example, windows cannot be opened," explained Hesse's Minister of Education Lorz after the Corona Cabinet meeting. Keeping educational institutions open is a "central priority of our actions."
Exact funding guidelines are still pending.

Instructions for use in schools
Recommendation Federal Environment Agency

Funding programme of the state of MV. Initially, 2.025 million euros are available through the MV Protection Fund for the purchase of air-improving devices for classrooms that are used regularly or for the purchase of CO2 measuring devices or CO2 traffic lights.
The state contributes up to 60 per cent of the financing of the devices. Mobile air purification devices with a filter function are eligible for funding.
Exact funding guidelines are still pending.

Air purification funding programme (

The state of Lower Saxony wants to provide more money for ventilation systems in schools because of the spread of the delta variant
of the coronavirus. The school authorities are now to receive 20 million euros.

Federal funding for the purchase of mobile air filter units | Nds. Kultusministerium (

Anticipated funding guidelines:
Only units with filter function
35 dB maximum
At least 5-fold air exchange
Ventilation measures should be taken depending on the CO2 concentration. If this rises above 1,000 ppm, manual ventilation via windows or activation of the ventilation system must be carried out at the latest at 1,500 ppm.
An 80% subsidy is provided, in line with the federal subsidy.
The approval period ends on 31.12.2022.

Funding Guideline Ventilation in Schools | Nds. Kultusministerium (

The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia decided on Friday, 16 July 2021, to launch a further ventilation programme for schools and day care centres in the amount of up to 90.4 million euros in order to additionally secure the attendance of schools and day care centres after the summer holidays. 48.2 million euros are to be provided from the NRW bailout fund and 42.2 million euros from federal funds.
Ina Scharrenbach, Minister for Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Construction and Equality of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia: "The funding to be made available by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government will ensure 100% financing for the municipalities. For further implementation, I will approach the cities and municipalities next week."
Details and guidelines tobe announced

Corona Ventilation Programme II
Press release of the state government
PDF on the promotion of technical measures

Funding programme of more than € 6 million
Up to 100% per device or a maximum of € 3500
The funds are generally called off with the submission of the proof of use by 31 July 2021 at the latest, in the case of rental devices by 1 December 2021 at the latest.

Hubig/Ahnen: Council of Ministers adopts six-million-euro funding programme for mobile ventilation units (
Administrative Regulation of the Ministry of Education of 14 December 2020

"Due to current developments, especially with regard to the spread of the delta variant, a flat fixed amount will soon be transferred to the municipalities depending on their number of inhabitants," explains Interior Minister Klaus Bouillon. "This has the advantage that the municipalities can order devices immediately without having to submit applications."

According to the minister, 2.5 million euros are available for the equipment with air purifiers.
And further: "In view of the already rapid development of the Delta variant, I can only appeal to make use of our programme."
Maximum funding limit of 2,000 euros per device

Saarland - Media information - Purchase of air purification equipment: Ministry of the Interior launches new support programme

No funding decisions have yet been made for the federal state of Saxony.

The state of Schleswig Holstein wants to support the municipalities with € 3.5 million.
Exact details are not yet known.

Seven million euros from federal funds for mobile air purifiers - Neustadt in Holstein - der-reporter

The Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture (TMIL) is providing lump-sum funding to improve infection protection in schools.
"We are providing 5 million euros quickly and unbureaucratically to improve infection protection in classrooms. The money is there to support, for example, mobile air filtration systems, partition walls or other necessary measures for better infection protection in classrooms."
Details and guidelines are yet to be announced.

Details | Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture (

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