for clean and safe air

The UlmAIR product range is unique in its bandwidth and the many configurable options. With the types X25, X45, X80 and X200, any ratio of air purifier to room size can be optimally occupied. The number stands for the square metres of the room to be cleaned. We divide our products into basic models (Light and Light+), modular air purifiers (Basic, CO2, Thermo and CT) and air purifiers for large areas such as (gymnasiums), industry and manufacturing areas (Xi2500 and Xi5000).

All models are of course equipped with our 5-stage filtration, which has been tested and functionally proven by the University of Bonn. They clean the air of all particles (including viruses, bacteria, germs, etc.) to 99.9999997 % - it doesn't get any better than that. The model variants differ in the unit control, the additional options (CO2 control, thermal mode contamination, boost and fresh air function, etc.) as well as in size and intended use.

This diversity not only allows us to optimally equip all areas of application (room sizes, etc.), but also to supply perfectly adapted products for every need and desire - you decide.

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