Room concepts

The right appliance for your room

When selecting the right unit, both the type of area (square, rectangular or round) and the height are important. To select the appropriate unit, calculate the room volume from the floor area (length x width or diameter) and the height. This volume should be circulated at least approx. 6 times per hour to ensure safe breathing air. Our units are designed for an average room height of approx. 2.5 to 3 metres (X80 for approx. 80 m² and X200 for approx. 200 m²). We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right unit, the optimal design of the air outlet and the unit location. Simply send us the floor plan - and we will help you to supply your premises with safe breathing air.

Kindergarten / OFFICE

approx. 72m² / 43m²

An X80 is used centrally on one wall of the room.



approx. 280m²

Two units are used in combination (X80 and X200) at the room ends.

Open plan office / library / classroom

approx. 72m² / 198m² / 176m²

An X80 / X200 is used in the centre of the room.

Open plan office


approx. 192m²

Two units (X80) are used centrally on the walls of the room.

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