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From € 3,390.00 plus VAT.

  • Unit size approx. 490 x 980 x 1,530 mm (LxWxH)
  • 5-stage filtration with coarse, pre and HEPA H-14 filter stage
  • Available as basic unit and modular air purifier
  • Scientifically tested and confirmed by Hygiene Institute
  • Timer, automatic CO2 control, virus inactivation and much more possible.
  • Suitable for room size of approx. 200 m²

Device description

With dimensions of 490 x 980 x 1,530 mm (LxWxH) in relation to the filtered air volume, the mobile room air purifier X200 is not only the most space-saving device in its class, but as an all-rounder it can be optimally used everywhere. The rectangular design allows the unit to be placed either in the middle of the room or inconspicuously on a wall. The simple design ensures perfect adaptation to the surroundings. The X200 draws in the contaminated air from below and blows it out into the room in a purified, calm and flow-directed manner.

The 5-stage fil tration with coarse and pre-filter, a high-performance HEPA H-14 filter, the activated carbon module and a post-filter not only cleans the air of over 99.995% of all viruses, bacteria, pollen, etc., but also reduces odours .

The integrated thermal technology heats up the HEPA filter after operation, heats up collected particles and thereby inactivates them.

The X200 is designed for a room size of approx. 200 m².

In order to distribute the air optimally, it can be blown out more to the side or also in front of the unit by means of various blow-out attachments. It is also possible to have a version with an exhaust air spigot for blowing into an existing exhaust air system.

The X200 is available as a basic unit with on/off switch and infinitely variable power regulation(Light) and optional filter monitoring(Light+). Alternatively, the air purifier can also be equipped with display control, timer(Basic), automatic person-dependent control(CO2), virus inactivation via thermal technology(Thermo) or a combination of the technologies(CT).

The unit is delivered ready to plug in with a 3-metre power cable (5metres is also available as an option).

Additional options:

  • Presence detector for automatic start
  • Boost function for break cleaning
  • Silencer module for the air outlet
  • Silencer module in the intake area
  • Bracket for wall mounting
  • Height module for high rooms


  • Housing made of powder-coated sheet steel in signal white (RAL 9003) or stainless steel V2A
  • The devices can also be personalised on request - e.g. with your company's logo or slogan.
  • Partial or complete foiling of our air cleaners is also possible

Your advantages

  • Safe and clean air through 5-stage filtration
  • Virus inactivation through heating
  • High-performance HEPA H-14 filter with 99.995
  • Developed by experts in industrial filtration technology
  • Safe and clean air for all people in the room (students, staff, patients)
  • Quiet continuous operation depending on the aerosol load
  • Smallest footprint in relation to air volume
  • 360° swivel castors for any surface
  • Selectable surface (sheet steel / stainless steel with foiling or personalisation - your logo)
  • Increase the motivation of staff and all stakeholders
  • Fewer absences due to illness
  • Made in Germany

Technical data

X200 Value
Connection values
220-240V (110 Volt possible)
approx. 750 watt
Air filter performance
Infinitely variable from approx. 200 -2,850 m3/h
Noise level
approx. 30 - 55 dB(A)
approx. 490 x 980 x 1,530 mm (LxWxH)
approx. 140 kg

Spare parts

Spare part Price Change interval*
96,00 €
1 to 2 times a year
H-14 filter
2 x 436,00 € = 872,00 €
Every 3 to 4 years
Activated carbon filter
75,00 €
Every 3 to 4 years

* depending on load

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