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With the following facts and studies we show:
The device and filtration concept chosen by ULMAIR is scientifically proven!

Expert recommends room air purifier

Mobile air purifiers are supposed to clean classrooms. We found this very informative interview with a renowned expert on the subject on North German television: The work of the world-renowned ...

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(Sources: Federal Environment Agency, RKI and WHO) The main route of transmission for SARS-CoV-2 is respiratory ingestion of fluid particles produced by breathing, coughing, talking and sneezing The risk of infection is increased by simultaneous activities of many ...

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Recommendations and warnings

(Sources: Federal Environment Agency, RKI and WHO) In order to comply with sustainability aspects (energy consumption, operating costs), demand-dependent control depending on the CO2 concentration makes sense Room air systems offer clear advantages, provided they are correctly adjusted and dimensioned.

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Information from the study by the Bundeswehr Munich

Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics 05.08.2020 The content of the study was to examine whether mobile room air cleaners are suitable for helping to reduce the risk of infection when free ventilation is not possible due to ...

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Information on particle sizes and coronaviruses

Viruses range in size from 0.05 to 0.16 μm (microns) - flu viruses usually from 0.08 to 0.16 μm Coronaviruses themselves have a diameter of about 0.12 -0.16 μm and ...

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Um sich gegen die in Südafrika entdeckten und zuletzt in Portugal sehr aktiven Omikron-Subtyp BA.5 und Subtyp BA.4 zu schützen empfehlen wir weiterhin unsere Luftreiniger.
Diese haben bislang bei allen Typen und Varianten gute Dienste geleistet. Unsere Luftreiniger sind nicht nur die leisesten ihrer Klasse, sie filtern durch die 5-Stufen-Filtration mit HEPA-H14 mehr als 99,99997 % aller Viren und Aerosole – vom Institut für Hygiene und Öffentliche Gesundheit der Universität Bonn wissenschaftlich erwiesen.

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