When the UlmAIRs are on stage, the air is safe

UlmAIR-sent three air purifiers to the Halloween party in Neu-Ulm's Whiley Club

The 650 or so guests at the big "Halloween Special" party at the hip Whiley Club in the former barracks in Neu-Ulm had all come to party and dance "vaccinated, recovered or with a negative PCR test that must not be older than 48 hours", but that was not safe enough for the club owner. For this reason, UlmAIR managing director Daniel Ehrhardt donated three mobile air purifiers from the X series for a carefree night of spooky partying: two X80s and one X200 were already doing their job long before the club doors opened and ensured odour- and virus-free air in the rooms. They worked so silently that even Michael Jackson was not disturbed when the DJ played "Thriller".

It was clear, however, that UlmAIR Managing Director Daniel Ehrhardt would act as sponsor on the evening and donate the appearance of the three devices to the guests and the club. "To make the X80 and X200 look a bit more coherent, we dressed them appropriately," says Ehrhardt. They were wrapped in a chic dark grey with a spider's web and a monster's face and showed that such a mobile air purifier does not have to be boxy and unadorned in pale white and stand in the corner. Therefore, the cleaners presented themselves on stage and at the entrance to the party with delicious food in the side rooms and matching disco sound from the 70s to today. If more clubs would get the UlmAIRs to help despite the 3G plus rule, partying would be especially carefree in the current situation, because people would dance in clean and safe air.

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