Air purifier for the hairdresser

for clean and safe air

The ULMAIR air purifier has a five-stage filtration / tested according to DIN EN 1822 with a high-efficiency HEPA H-14 filter. With the thermal technology for inactivating corona/influenza and other viruses, it ensures safe and clean air even in large rooms such as hairdressing salons or lounges. This reduces the risk of infection and accelerates the distribution of fresh air. It is also the quietest room air purifier with a 6-fold air exchange.

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  • Clean and safe air for you and your customers / employees
  • Well-being and increased safety
  • Reducing the risk of infection by corona and influenza viruses
  • Clean air for allergy and asthma sufferers by minimising pollen pollution, among other things.
  • Reduction of the comparable disease rate (caused by germs, bacteria and viruses)
  • Acceleration of fresh air distribution in the room during ventilation
  • Best room price index on the market with only 41 €/m² (X80) and 25 €/m² (X200) respectively
Air purifier hairdresser

Our air purifiers

ULMAIR products are versatile and modular. With the six unit sizes X25, X45, X80, X200, Xi2500 and Xi5000, even smaller rooms from approx. 15 m² up to very large rooms > 600 m² can be reliably and safely cleaned of aerosols and viruses.

Air purifier hairdresser
the space professional
Air purifier hairdresser
the compact
Air purifier hairdresser
the all-rounder
Air purifier hairdresser
the high performer
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