Device functions

In order to safely filter viruses, bacteria, pollen, spores, germs and other particles that are hazardous to health, tested filters are used in accordance with the EN 1822 standard. More than 99.995% of all particles are safely separated via a HEPA filter with level H-14. However, the function of a professional room air purifier is not only the filtration but also how the air in the room is optimally circulated so that the aerosols are captured by the device in the best possible way and the environment is then supplied with safe air again.

Functional description

The air outlet of the UlmAIR air purifiers is designed in such a way that the air is blown out evenly and at optimum speed. With the air outlet pointing upwards, we fulfil the results of the study by the Bundeswehr University and achieve optimum air circulation in the room.

HEPA H-14 class HEPA filters achieve a separation efficiency of >99.995 % of particles with a size of 0.1 - 0.3 µ (thus including corona and influenza viruses). By using these high-performance filters, which are also used as supply air filters in operating theatres, for example, UlmAIR guarantees that particles are separated with maximum safety in all room air filters of the X series. Each HEPA filter is individually tested before installation in the unit, thus ensuring the requirement in accordance with the EU standard DIN EN 1822. For filtration, UlmAIR uses only durable materials from industrial production that have been tried and tested for years. Through this and the use of various pre-filter stages, we guarantee service life and replacement intervals of the main filter (H-14) of up to 5 years and longer, depending on the load.

The filters are monitored via a differential pressure measurement and the need for a filter change is indicated in the control unit display.

By using a class F7 filter, UlmAIR reduces the load on the high-performance filter (H-14). Among other things, germs and most bacteria are separated from the air, thus extending the service life of the main filter. This filter stage is also monitored by differential pressure and a necessary change is indicated.

High-performance and energy-saving fans from UlmAIR are installed in all units of the X series. They ensure maximum air volumes and are very quiet in continuous operation. In combination with the logic efficiency control, the room air cleaners can be infinitely controlled.

The control unit of the mobile air purifiers is their heart. It not only regulates the power of the motor but also checks, monitors and stores all functions. Data and values (e.g. CO2 content) can be read out from the memory later.

The air purifiers are controlled via two basic modes:
I. Manual mode
II. Automatic mode (time control)

In manual mode, the arrow keys (up/down) are used to adjust the power of the motor in 5 % steps as required by the user.

The automatic mode allows you to set start and end times. 30 minutes before the set start time (e.g. 8.00 a.m.) the air purifier switches on and cleans the room at a high power level (thus from 7.30 a.m.). This ensures that the room is free of viruses and bacteria at the start of work or school. The motor's power can be regulated in automatic mode either manually (in 5% steps) or depending on the CO2 level. Most offices work with a preset value that corresponds to the room - in meeting rooms, the CO2 control is preferred depending on, for example, the people present.

After each end of operation, the UlmAIR air purifiers automatically switch to filter cleaning. A thermal technology heats up the filters and inactivates viruses, among other things.

Furthermore, the following functions are part of the control:

  • Ventilation function (integrated from delivery at the end of November - previous systems can be retrofitted):
    When ventilating, the room is normally almost cooled down by "filling" the room from below with cold air. Room air filters from UlmAIR detect the rise in oxygen and the drop in temperature at an early stage through the intake at the bottom. The control automatically regulates the motor upwards in order to distribute the oxygen as quickly as possible throughout the room by means of air circulation. This reduces the ventilation process to approx. 20 % of the time and thus minimises the post-heating costs by approx. 80 %.
  • Temperature control (integrated from delivery at the end of November - previous systems can be retrofitted):
    A desired room temperature can be specified in the control unit. If the temperature is too low, the unit automatically switches on the thermocouple and heats the air drawn through with maximum efficiency until the desired room temperature is reached.
  • Bluetooth control (planned for 2021 - previous units can be retrofitted):
    The control can be equipped with an additional plug-in board with Bluetooth on request. Via an associated APP, the room air cleaner can be operated in the various modes and values can be read out. For example, manual motor control or manual start of the ventilation function will be possible. A CO2 traffic light can be dispensed with by this function, since temperature, CO2 and humidity are transmitted to the mobile phone and an alarm message is issued if the CO2 value is too high.
  • W-LAN monitoring (expected to be available from mid-2021):
    In order to meet e.g. the requirements of pre-maintenance (evaluation of data and early reports on filter condition, etc.), UlmAIR air purifiers will be equipped with W-LAN as a plug-in board, expected to be available from mid-2021. This will enable the customer to monitor all the room fans in his operation/organisation via a cloud and to schedule them for service visits in good time.

The intake slots integrated around the air purifiers are calculated and arranged in a flow-optimised way. Even when placed against a wall or in the corner of a room, the laminar air flow is formed and thus ensures the best possible intake of contaminated air.

The post-filter mat attached to the top of the exhaust air plate ensures both a uniform air flow and that no particles can enter the unit from above and damage the main filter.

UlmAIR uses only high-quality, durable and sustainable industrial components in the manufacture of its room air cleaners. The powder-coated sheet steel housing, for example, in combination with the industrial sound insulation, not only ensures that the units are operated super-quietly - heat transfer to the outer shell during filter cleaning operation is also minimised.

Thermocouples are installed in the air purifiers, which heat the main filter (HEPA) to over 80°C after each switch-off and thus ensure inactivation of the filter. The temperature is regulated and displayed via the control unit. The heating is switched off by a safety thermoswitch if it rises above a defined value. This is for safety reasons and can be reactivated via a reset button.

The integrated sensor continuously measures the CO2 content in the air. If this rises above a preset value, the control unit signals this on the display. This indicates that oxygen should be supplied to the installation site. The CO2 value is also used to control the motor in automatic CO2 mode.

A pre-filter fleece with Velcro tape is installed in the unit directly behind the intake slots. This fleece filters dust, hair, coarse pollen, lint, etc. from the intake air. In this way, the pre-filter protects the downstream main filter and extends its service life many times over. The service life of the pre-filter depends strongly on the frequency of the installation room and the ambient air - from a conference room with approx. 10 people per day to a restaurant with approx. 400 guests per evening, the service life of the filter can be from 6-12 months to 2 - 8 weeks. The fleece can be replaced by anyone in a few simple steps - no service technician is required.

4 industrial rubber castors with a diameter of 50 mm are mounted on the base of each UlmAIR air purifier. The castors are stable and suitable for almost any floor (tiles, carpet, concrete, etc.) due to the rubber coating. Two of the castors have a stop brake, which prevents the air purifiers from rolling away.

The feet (13.), which can be selected as an option for the X45 serial and the X80 and X200, can be turned down from the corners until the wheels no longer touch the floor. To secure and stabilise the feet, the counter nut on them must be turned back to the floor. The feet on the X80 and X200 can be retrofitted at any time.

Functional description

1. air outlet
with different options for air distribution

2. high-performance filter HEPA H-14
with separation efficiency of >99.995 % for viruses (Corona etc.)

3. fine dust pre-filter
of filter class F7 for filtering bacteria and many germs.

4. controllable energy-saving fan (IE5)
with EC technology

5. logic efficiency control
with automatic and manual mode display for simplified menu navigation.

6. 360° intake openings
for optimum air intake in the room.

7. afterfilter mat

8. sound insulation
metal housing (alternatively plastic)

9. heating element for virus inactivation
with thermosensor for temperature monitoring

10. CO2 sensor
for evaluating the air quality

11. pre-filter with category G4
for the separation of e.g. spores, pollen, fibres, lint.

12. robust industrial swivel castors
with stop-fix function to prevent rolling away.

Filter technology

5-stage filtration

1. G4 pre-filterin the intake area
for particles > 10 µ (including pollen, spores, lint, hair, insects etc.)

2. F7 fine filter as cassette filter
for particles > 1 -10 µ (including smoke, bacteria, many germs, etc.)

3. H-14 high-performance filter as cassette filter
for particles >0.01 µ + separation efficiency of ≥ 99.995 % (incl. viruses, germs)

4. activated carbon filter
to reduce odorous substances and for particles >0.1 µ

5. after-filter as safety filter stage
ensures the basic function and optimises uniform air discharge


Viruses & Bacteria


Spores & Pollen

Toner dust

Hair & Large Dust

Odour particles

Thermo Technology

Inactivate / kill viruses

  • Fully automatic heating process after each operation
  • Heating above 80°C inactivates viruses and renders them infectious.
  • Temperature monitoring by temperature sensor with overheating cut-out
  • No UV radiation that is hazardous to health
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