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Air Purifier with HEPA filter

GERMAN design – made in the USA

clean air from 100 – 2.500 sqft

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3D - Functional description

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Safe and Clean Air

A challenge becomes a vision

At UlmAIR, we develop and optimize air purification solutions for all living and working environments. In doing so, we draw on the expertise and experience of over 55 years in the field of industrial extraction and filtration technology of our sister company ULMATEC GmbH.

Using the latest techniques such as room air simulation, flow visualization and scientific testing, we have succeeded in developing the optimal air purification solution for every challenge.

Our air purifiers are not only the quietest in their class, they filter more than 99.99997% of all viruses and aerosols through 5-stage filtration with HEPA-H14 – scientifically proven by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Bonn (Germany).

The greatest variety and modularity of our product range on the market offers individual, flexible and sustainable solutions for all areas of application.

We are experts for professional air purifiers at schools and in classrooms.

Functional description

With the air outlet pointing upwards, we achieve optimum air circulation in the room.

HEPA H-14 class HEPA filters achieve a separation efficiency of >99.995 % of particles with a size of 0.1 - 0.3 µ (thus including corona and influenza viruses)

By using a class F7 filter, UlmAIR reduces the load on the high-performance filter (H-14)

High-performance and energy-saving fans from UlmAIR are installed in all units of the X series.

with display B,C,T,CT (alternative control with potentiometer L, L+)

power-optimized and maintenance-friendly intake from below

The post-filter mat attached to the top of the exhaust air plate ensures both a uniform air flow and that no particles can enter the unit from above and damage the main filter.

Metal housing

with thermal sensor for temperature monitoring (only with version C|CT)

for evaluating the air quality (only with version C|CT)

for separating spores, pollen, fibers, fluff, etc.

with Stop-Fix function to prevent rolling away

Circulationlateral – not complete
ResultNot suitable
Circulationupwards – not complete
ResultNot suitable
Circulationlateral – not complete
ResultNot suitable
Circulationcomplete room circulation
ResultSuitable and recommended

Additional options

  • Presence detector for automatic start
  • Boost function for break cleaning
  • Silencer module for the air outlet
  • Silencer module in the intake area
  • Bracket for wall mounting


Fields of application

Businesses, Banks & Public Buildings
Schools & Kindergarten
Gastronomy & Accommodation
Trade & Manufacturing
Sports, Leisure, Wellness & Beauty

safe and clean air

GERMAN  design – made in the USA
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