Sports club TuS Hornheim invests in the health of its members

So that the air in the large sports hall is clean and safe.

Two large stationary UlmAIR air purifiers Xi5000 protect against viruses, odours and nasty pollen

Since the end of October, two large and stationary UlmAIR air filter systems have facilitated the training of 1066 members in the Josef-Zehe-Halle of the Turn- und Sportgemeinde (TuS) Horchheim in the Koblenz district of the same name. The investment of around 20,000 euros for the two Xi5000s, which are each designed for floor areas of 100 to 500 square metres and regularly circulate the air as well as purify it of pollutants and viruses with their five-filter system, is worth it to the Executive Board: "Our goal is to continue to fulfil our health and socio-political mission," said Chairman Gregor Weißbrich at the presentation of the air purifiers, which are over 3 metres high.

The club has invested the money to ensure that this mission can be fulfilled in both popular and professional sport and that the training facilities can be maintained even in times of the Corona pandemic. Already after the resumption of training after the lockdown last summer, the TuS leadership had thought about how the health of members, trainers and volunteers could be sustainably protected during and after the pandemic, in addition to the current hygiene measures. The focus was on aerosols and their purification. "Inspired by the discussion about the pros and cons of installing room air cleaners wherever people spend longer periods of time in closed rooms, but also by an article in the local Rhein-Zeitung about filter systems on the school campus in Altendiez, we on the board came up with the ideas of having a similar system installed in our hall," says TuS treasurer Helmut Sprenger. Because it has been proven that a large part of corona infections is due to aerosols contaminated with Covid-19 viruses and exhaled by humans.

In the end, the TuS board also came across the large stationary Xi5000s from UlmAIR, equipped with adjustable air outlets for optimal air distribution in industrial and sports halls, ordered the units and had them installed. On the advice of UlmAIR's experts, TuS chose this alternative because the Xi5000s are more powerful than a mobile unit in terms of the volume of air to be circulated per hour. After all, the sports hall in Horchheim is used by 40 to 50 people every day from Monday to Saturday.

However, the association regrets that the investment of 20,000 euros is not currently supported by public subsidies. Nevertheless, the board emphasises: "This investment in the Xi5000 is intended to protect against infection and thus contribute to the containment of the Corona pandemic. TuS chairman Gregor Weißbrich: "Since allergens and pollen of all kinds are also filtered out of the indoor air, the allergy sufferers among our members are pleased that they will be able to do sport free of complaints in future."


TuS Horchheim chairman Gregor Weißbrich (right) and treasurer Helmut Sprenger are proud of the two stationary room air filters from UlmAIR, the Xi5000, on the wall of the large sports hall in the Koblenz district.

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